Green Certification Applications: opens 10/23/13

For students living on-campus

Do you pledge to Be Spartan Green while living on campus in a residence hall or in University Apartments? Please commit to conserving energy and water, reducing landfill waste, and encouraging others around you to do the same by completing the following form!

For Resident Assistants living on-campus

For a floor in residence halls and university apartments. It is intended to be filled out by resident assistants.

For Campus Living Services, dining

For kitchens used to prepare and/or provide food within residence halls, concessions, coffee shops, convenience stores, or other similar facilities.

For Faculty and Staff

For offices and conference rooms specifically assigned to academic, administrative, or service functions.

For science laboratories used for experimentation, professional research and observation, training in research methods, structured creative activity within a specific program, or sponsored research, whether sponsored with federal, state, private, or institutional funds.

For space used as a data or telecommunications center with applications that are broad enough to serve the overall administrative or primary academic equipment needs of a central group of users or unit (room use codes 710 and 715).